Dec 302017

It was a special occasion and I wanted to find a way to celebrate.  How about a surprise balloon trip.  We did have to rise early in the morning, so I told my wife we needed to leave before dawn.   My son told her we were going on a special early morning hike to throw her off, and although we love hiking, it was not what she had in mind for her 50th.  As we made our way around the lake in the early morning heading to Lake Tahoe Balloon in South Lake Tahoe, my wife wondered were we were going.  Once we pulled into the marina area, she knew were were not going for a hike, but thought we were going fishing.  Lake Tahoe is great for fishing, but not really how she wanted to celebrate this occasion.   Then she saw

the Tahoe Balloon sign and was relieved and excited.  It is unusual to have a balloon company in a marina, and for good reason… Lake Tahoe Balloon is the only company to take off AND land on a boat.  The below message from the Lake Tahoe Balloon website mentioning their safety record  also made me feel a bit better as I am not the biggest fan of heights.

With well over two decades of flying in Lake Tahoe and a spotless safety record, Lake Tahoe Balloons is an ideal way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, engagements or any special occasion for that matter. Lake Tahoe Balloons offers one of the most spectacular ways to see Lake Tahoe and is the only company offering hot air balloon rides over Lake Tahoe. We are also the only company in the world that launches and lands from the deck of a boat. Lake Tahoe Balloons truly is one of the most unique hot air balloon rides in the world.

As we registered in the office I have to admit I got a bit nervous about the height thing.  Once we were all registered we made our way to the boat.  The crew separated the guests into two groups.  There would be two rides and since we were in the second group we had a chance to see the balloon take off and land before we got in.  The ride was even better than I expected and my height phobia was not an issue at all.   The ride was so smooth, peaceful and quiet (other than the occasional burst of burning gas) and the views were simply breathtaking.  The calm morning air was perfect for a balloon ride  and as we peacefully floated over the southern part of Lake Tahoe we had unique views of the mountains,  entire lake and smaller surrounding lakes. Once back on the boat we celebrated with the traditional champagne toast.  A perfect morning adventure.

After the trip we heading to a local dinner for breakfast, enjoying the moment before looking forward to the next adventure.


Dec 302017

Our first hike at Squaw Valley was the Shirley Canyon trail.   An great hike with a constant delight at every turn.   It is  bit more challenging than the Thunder Mountain Trail, but I recommend both.  The nice thing about the Squaw hikes you can get food and drinks, take a swim, sit in the hot tub or go skating at high camp… depending on the time of the year.   Then simply take the tram down.

Squaw Valley Cocktail

Squaw  Website description: Thunder Mountain Trail (approximately 3.2 miles, 2000′ elevation gain/loss) : The Thunder Mountain Trail is the perfect hike to explore Squaw Valley from the base to High Camp. Hikers start their adventure at the bottom of the Exhibition chairlift. From here you will walk towards the very wide bridge, which is where the route begins. The trail is clearly indicated by blue markings. Continue on the trail winding up the mountain. Your final destination will be just below the paintball fields at High Camp. PLEASE NOTE that the Thunder Mountain Trail passes over the summer construction access road. Please be aware of vehicle and heavy machinery traffic. Do not continue on the summer construction access road as it is closed for hiking.



Water was flowing


Dec 292017

Rifle Peak Hike at Lake Tahoe

There is great hiking in Tahoe and as we explore the many different hikes we are always amazed at the spectacular beauty that is Lake Tahoe. Our hike to Rifle Peak was yet another great adventure. The hike is a short drive from our vacation rental. along Tahoe Blvd. to 431.


The hike offers some some steep sections to work the cardio and legs. The trail head is on Marlene street.  We followed the fire road down then up to the water tower.  Moving beyond the water tower you start your incline.   When you break out of the trees there is a trail leading you over to the peak.   Right before the peak you can head up a trail, that was not hard to miss, to take you you up behind the peak.  From there you head over to the edge and take in some great views of the lake and all around.



Jun 162014

Rent this 5 bedroom 3 bath retreat that backs up to the forest. Steps to beautiful hiking trails while only a 1/2 mile to the beach. Perfect for 2 families.

The home features an open kitchen and living room area, perfect for entertaining. Additionally,  the third floor has two decks one facing the lake and the other the mountain.

Two of the bedrooms on the main level are located in a in-law suite with an efficiency kitchen; perfect for two families.

The home is perfectly situated between major ski resorts and close to the beach, hiking  and shopping.
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